Friday, September 7, 2018

Win Weight Loss Battle in Two Days or Two Months ?

I went on a short trip to Thailand with a friend recently in June to celebrate my birthday. After that we both went back to our normal life.

Last week I met my friend again and she was complaining that she was unable to get rid of the extra weight she gained out of the binge eating over the Thailand trip.  I was shocked, as I went on the same trip, ate as madly as she did, but I didn’t have the same problem.  

Now is early September, already two months after our Thailand trip.  She said she worked very hard only to have lost 1 pound.  I did gain some weight as you know it was my birthday and holiday, I just couldn’t stop eating.  But once I returned to work and resume my intermittent fasting (IF) eating style, my weight went back to normal in a few days.

We then discussed the subject of weight loss and I introduced the idea of short term intermittent fasting, quoting myself as a live example of easy weight loss.  But you know what?  Here’s what she said:

    No breakfast – no way!
    No food for 24 hours – I’m going to die of starvation!

I don’t know how hard she worked to lose that one pound.  But if she applied any of the IF methods, losing one pound was as easy as breathing.

Weight loss seems to be more of a mental battle than a physical one. Sure there are some hunger cravings to deal with every now and then, but 90% of the battle is in your mind. If you can win the battle in your mind you can also win the battle around your waist or butt (or wherever you store your fat).

The most important thing you can ever do to lose weight is to re-program the way you think to believe that not only fasting is for some people, but that it’s possible for YOU.

Whatever thoughts you hold in your mind will become reality regardless if they are positive or negative.

As in my friend’s case, it’s up to her to struggle or to change her mind to learn to accept that fasting can help to lose weight. And if she doesn’t believe she can fast, she’s never going to take action to win the weight loss battle.

If you have positive thoughts about fasting weight loss…All you need is a plan.

If you want to look at the skip breakfast plan, take a look at Mike O’Donnell’s website; he calls himself 2 Meal Mike.

If you want to explore the 24-hour fasting plan, visit Brad Pilon’s website; his plan is called Eat Stop Eat.

You can also read my previous article about the 5 Intermittent Fasting Windows that Produce Great Results.  If you are willing to try any of the IF methods that I suggested, then you are on your way to build a new lifestyle for yourself.  

My friend has been brainwashed that breakfast is the single most important meal in a day, she’s not willing to give up breakfast in any case. But she can still try the 5:2 method. Remember where there is a will, there’s a way! It all depends if she has a will to lose weight.

I must say IF is not for everyone. If you are willing to make little changes in your eating habit to acquire big changes in weight loss results, IF is another tool in your fitness tool box.

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