Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Simple Intermittent Fasting Strategy

If you want to try intermittent fasting, the simplest and easiest way is to start by skipping breakfast. You can do 16:8 or 18:6, whichever way that fit into your daily life.  For example, you would eat only between noon and 6pm or between noon and 8pm. 

If you have been eating breakfast all the time, you may feel missing something in the morning. I can understand this because I have gone through this stage as well. If you want to feed yourself something in the morning, you would need to learn to love black coffee or green tea, or any non-caloric drinks.
I have known 2 Meal Mike for a few years. He is an IF pioneer and I always enjoy reading his posts.  Below is a recent post from him about his "flexible" 2 meal strategy. 

My "Flexible" 2 Meal Strategy? - by 2 Meal Mike
Start the day with black coffee (Americano to be specific).
I eat when I'm hungry (usually around 1-2pm).
I make the first meal lighter and higher nutrient value (which could be eggs/ fruits/ veg/ lean beef and dare I even say liver?).
I let the 2nd meal later on be more flexible and social (so not to feel guilty if I go out and eat some pasta or whatnot).
Of course I adjust as I see fit to my goals, energy level (recovery ability) and lifestyle.  You are free to do the same (as you should find what works for you anyways).
So, what's your plan?

In fact my own fasting strategy is somewhat similar to Mike's. I hope his simple and flexible plan will shed some light when you are planning your two meals for the day.

Are You Stress For Being Invited to Eat?

When I check my FB Group, some of the most frequently asked questions are:
  • What if I am being invited to a breakfast meeting?
  • What if I am being invited to a lunch talk?
  • What if I am being invited to a birthday party over the weekend?
  • What if ...

It's true that we need to stay social although we practice intermittent fasting. Should there be any conflict, I would go for the social side. Why? Let's look at the word 'intermittent'. Per Cambridge Dictionary, "intermittent" means "not happening regularly or continuously; stopping and starting repeatedly or with periods in between". As far as we keep the mindset of intermittent fasting, and go fast whenever possible, then we can still meet our goal. 

In fact, I will go on a slightly longer fast if I had to eat heavily for any reason. Please refer to my previous post about my 40-hour fast.

Final note - keep your fasting simple and flexible. 

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