Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What To Do After Binge Eating?

Many of us may have experienced binge eating especially during festivals. Chinese New Year is just over. Today is the 9th of January in Chinese calendar. To some of us the CNY mood may not finish until the first full moon festival on the 15th of January. However for me, the heavy eating days are over.

I love festivals, especially Chinese New Year when we can meet family members and friends. However in terms of eating, I am subjected to extreme stress. I generally eat one meal a day (OMAD) if not 18:6. Eating three full meals plus all-day snacks is going to be really difficult. 

Back to the question "what to do after binge eating?" Answer is "fasting".  Depending on individual need, the fasting period can be long or short. Reviewing my situation, I decided to go on a 40-hour fast and have successfully completed. I finished dinner at Thursday ( Feb 7) night, and resume eating on Saturday (Feb 9) lunch. That way I have had a full day of Friday to let my body and the digestive system a good rest. 

For me, a 40-hour fast was not much a challenge as I have over 10 years fasting experience. However for beginners, they may need some support. I have recently joined a group at FB which is called Intermittent Fasting for Women. In fact, there are groups like IF for Men, IF for Men and Women, IF for busy people...and so on. Pick one that you feel happy to join. 

Once you are there, you will find some encouragements such as :
  • Just over a week of OMAD & 12 lbs down.
  • 1 month in. Down 13.2 lbs. Love this group! So much support and information.
  • Successfully completed my first 24 hours fast! Absolutely loving IF!

To be fair, there are negative comments as well. But those are generally from people who needed help. And that was why I joined to group to share my experience. My group administrator does a good job in filtering advertising and scams although they still occur occasionally. I would say my group is widely clean and full of friendly people. 

Enjoy fasting! Join a group or email me if you need support.

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